Weekly Workouts + NYC Fitweek

Happy Monday everyone! What a week it has been! Back to work= super, super busy. I barely have a minute to check email let alone any social media! I feel so lost from the world. The beginning is always hard to settle into, but once I get over a few big things and get a routine going, I’ll be back in the swing of things. With my new routine, I am back to afternoon workouts. It takes A TON of effort to get myself to workout after a long work day, but I am doing it!

Let’s check out last week’s workouts!


Back + Biceps + HIIT Day on the Elliptical


3 mile run after a full day back to work and 3 hours of sleep.


Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Day + Taught my cycling class


Did a spin ride at the gym on my own- this took EVERY effort to get there.



Leg Day- I squatted 65 lbs!!!


I woke up to go to a cycling class and then I realized that I hadn’t taken a rest day in over a week, so rest day it was!


Wanderlust in Brooklyn- a 5k, yoga and meditation! Full recap to come soon! It was an awesome day!

img_4865 img_4862

This week starts NYC FITweek!


If you live in the NYC area, go and take a class! Proceeds support Education via She’s the First and DonorsChoose.org!



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