Wanderlust Brooklyn

On Sunday, my friend and I headed into Brooklyn for the Wanderlust Festival. A “triathlon” of a 5k, yoga and meditation.

img_4842 img_4843

We found parking by Prospect Park and then headed to where the festival was located. It was about a mile long walk but totally worth it for just $10 parking!

After that we set up our yoga mats and checked our bags.


Then we walked around the booths and got a lot of free swag and did some shopping!

img_4851 img_4847img_4848

We bought $10 sweat pants from Spritual Gangster- such a good deal!


After that we headed to the 5k- which was actually 3.6 miles.


The run was hot but my legs/hip felt great. I haven’t run with a friend at all since my injury, so it was fun to catch up and run with a friend.


Starting Line


Post 5k Selfie

Then we grabbed our lunches that we ordered from Wanderlust. Next year I will just bring PB&J to save the $20.

img_4856 img_4857

Then we walked around a bit more and bought tanks and got some more free samples.


How cute?!

After we headed back to our mats for the yoga practice.

img_4863 img_4862

It was such a great practice and felt good after the 5k.

Afterwards they had the third part of the triathlon- meditation. While meditating, a protestor came walking through, which I have to admit was kind of scary. She was screaming about capitalism and as she was shouting, the woman leading the meditation asked us to send love her way and stay positive.

Meditating is super hard. It is hard to stay mindful and be present, but I would love to keep trying it. Even if its for a couple of minutes, I just felt like it brought me to such a great place.

fullsizerender_1 img_4871

It was a really fun day: running, yoga, meditating, free swag and shopping! What more could you ask for!



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