Weekly Workouts!

Happy Happy Monday! Last week was rough. I feel like I have gone from 0 to 60 in no time and my body is adjusting to it. I had some sleep issues during the week and by mid-week I felt like I was drained of energy. Being a teacher/trainer/spin instructor requires a lot of energy and I realized that I probably needed to eat even more than normal. All summer I was able to relax by the pool after a workout and now I have to work out after working all day. Sorry if I sound like I am whining to those who work full year, but this is my blog, so yes, I miss relaxing by the pool, you would too haha. Our bodies tell us what it needs and this week it yelled for more nutrition and more sleep.


I rushed to the gym after an unexpected long meeting and snuck in my back + biceps workout then I subbed a cycling class. The class was filled with energy and one woman literally screamed Oh. My. God. in the middle of the class! It was a great reminder of why I do what I do! 🙂


Trained a client then ran 3 miles.



Chest + Tricep + Shoulder workout + taught my cycling class.


Wednesday night I had maybe 4 hours of sleep. I had a really bad day at work. So I trained my client (who always puts me in a better mood!) and then decided it would be a rest day. No point in going for a run on no sleep. They would have been junk miles and not worth it.



By some miracle (thanks to Jen and her subway knowledge- haha I always just take cabs in NYC!) I made it to the NYC FitWeek event at Exceed Physical Culture. It was a tough and awesome workout. Basically the workout is broken up into different rounds with 4 exercises per round and you go through each round twice. Timing wise, it was all Tabata rounds, 20 on 10 off to switch to the next station. We used the TRX, Kettlebells, the BOSU, boxes (for jumps or in my case step-ups), medicine balls and rowing machines. It was very cool to utilize equipment that I don’t typically use at the gym.


I subbed another cycling class in Ridgewood that I normally like to attend. I couldn’t do any more than teach a class and although it wasn’t like taking a full cycling class, I definitely always get my sweat on while teaching. I got really great feedback from the participants and had 20 people! I loved their energy.



I went to a Pancreatic Cancer walk in honor of my best friend’s father who passed away from it many years ago. It was fun to see my godson and his brother and hang out with my friends and support a great cause.

What a week! First full week of work, personal training, subbed three classes- phew! It was exhausting! I really feel like over the past few years of my fitness journey, I am learning to become more flexible in fitting in workouts and listening to my body. On Thursday, rest was all I needed so I did. On Wednesday, I was so hungry so I ate more than normal (thank goodness for packing extra snacks). I think I am getting to that balance of planning and flexibility. We are all a work in progress and that is what makes the world go round. 🙂


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