Weekly Workouts!

How is it going everyone? Hope you had a great weekend! The weather is starting to turn more Fall like here, which makes for some fabulous running weather. I am starting to feel like myself more running wise. I am getting a little faster, feeling stronger, and not having much pain. I think acupuncture and good ol fashioned strength training has really helped. Also- REST, listening to what my body needs and pushing myself only when I can.

Let’s check out my recap of the past week’s workouts. I apologize for the lack of pictures. I feel like I run from one thing to next and I am not on my phone as much as I could be in the summer.


Back + Biceps + HIIT on the elliptical


3 mile run after I trained my client. I was SO tired and didn’t want to do this at all. But I knew I needed to get my stress out and of course I felt great after!


Chest + Triceps + Shoulders + taught my cycling class


3 mile run before Back to School night


Leg Day- I squatted and deadlifted 75lbs!!! Look at those quads baby!


I also did Peanut Butter Runner’s 7 minute Plank Workout– it was so awesome!


Super sweaty awesome cycling class with SORE legs


5 miles with my friend who is training for a marathon, she did 14 and I helped with the last 5! It was gorgeous running weather and I felt so strong!




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