Weekly Workouts+ I’m doing a race + acupuncture

Happy Monday and Happy New Year to those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah! For me, I am happy to have a three day weekend! Last week was really great workout wise, let’s dive into the recap.


Back + Biceps + HIIT on the elliptical


3 mile run



Chest + Shoulders + Triceps*I was sore for daysss after this one!

+ taught my cycling class.

This was one of those classes where everything went wrong but I totally just went with the flow and accepted it. New people showed up late, didn’t know how to set up their bikes, I kept having to get off and check on them, people were on their phones, a man literally took a phone call and had a conversation. Full on S SHOW. A few months ago I would have been so upset about it. Now, I know that sometimes it’s not going to all flow and go as planned. And sometimes it’s freaking awesome, the energy is flowing and everyone works hard. Let’s hope that is how this week goes instead.


Trained a client and made it my rest day.


Leg Day


Cycling class in which I went 20 miles! AWESOME workout!




5 Mile run. Perfect running weather and felt strong the whole time.

So to add to my title! I signed up for the Falling Leaves 10k in Queens on November 12th with Jen! I am sooo pumped to try another race and a longer distance. Maybe next step a half??

Acupuncture. I love it. Love it!! It has helped my hip SO much and they are even helping me with stress now.


She put these beads on my ears that help continue the work of the acupuncture put on the stress points. I am so happy that I have continued with it and kept it up because I believe it is why I run again. Just wanted to share my love of it with all of you. 🙂

Best workout this week?

Ever try acupuncture? 



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