Friday Favorites!

Happy Happy Friday! Today is my 3 year Blog Anniversary!


Last year I kinda missed my anniversary because last year, today, I was forced to move out of my apartment because of some gross apartment issues and had to move back home to my parents. While that was not a situation I expected, it all turned out to be amazing. I probably wouldn’t have started my business. I have developed an even better appreciation for cooking and a better relation with my body/food. I also wouldn’t have saved so much money/paid off debt and not been able to eventually buy a condo/townhouse (winter goals), if I didn’t leave Hoboken. Everything happens for a reason and it all worked out!

Back to my Blog Anniversary! Wow- 3 years. I had just gotten into fitness and started running a few months prior and look at all that has changed since then. I ran a marathon, became a personal trainer, a cycling instructor, to name a few awesome accomplishments. It’s crazy how your life can change in 3 years and even from the day to day. This blog has helped me meet new people (if I didn’t start this blog I may not have met Jen!!), experienced new events, and just been able to document my journey.

To be totally honest, I didn’t even know it was my blog anniversary until this morning, so I decided to edit my Friday Favorites Post and add my thoughts above!

So to celebrate Friday, 3 years, here are some favorites that made me smile this week.

Favorite Things I bought:


Fall Shopping at Old Navy! I did good! Three pairs of pants, a jean dress, a cardigan, a top, a sweater and some adorable gray booties. I needed an update to my wardrobe. I also had to go up a pant size. Now that I don’t run ALL the miles and I lift heavier weights my legs and booty have become more muscular, hence the bigger pants size. In the past, would I have been depressed and thought I was “fat”? Yes. But now I know that pants, a scale, etc. doesn’t define you. My legs let me squat 75 lbs. and run a marathon. They are pretty awesome.


Ok, so I will admit it, I can be cheap and not spend money and use something until it’s worn to the ground. AKA my i.d. badge at work, on the left and new on the right. I got a “chain” all blinged out at a new to me store, Charming Charlie and the actual i.d. holder at Vera Bradley. So now I got some bling and a fun animal print to wear each day!

Favorite Blog Posts:

Clothes Should Make You Feel Good, Meredith explains why clothing sizes shouldn’t define your happiness

Normal Eaters Are the Healthiest, Robyn explains why we don’t need to give our eating a label

On Being Okay with Where You are Today, Jen explains that sometimes we feel shitty and not our happiest and that it is ok to have and own those feelings

What are some of your favorite things on this fabulous Friday!?


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