Jen’s Wedding Weekend Recap!

I am SO excited to share my weekend recap of Jen & John’s wedding! You know, I always talk about Jen 🙂 We met through blogging a few years ago and have been friend ever since. She is such a genuine, positive, like-minded friend. I just love how close we have become in such a short amount of time. The Internet can be pretty awesome sometimes!

So let’s recap our fabulous weekend!

Friday morning I chopped my hair off! It was time for a change!


Then we road tripped it up to Binghamton.

The hotel we stayed at gives you a warm cookie when you check in. Um AMAZING.


Then it was time for the rehearsal.


So freaking gorgeous. Then we feasted on pizza and wings (and salad duh).


The next morning I woke up nice and early enjoyed some coffee and then headed to an insane boot camp at the hotel’s awesome gym. You would think the gym would be basic but it’s like a real gym that people belong to so it has a great lifting area, spin studio, a pool and group ex classes.


Then my sister and I grabbed some breakfast at a cute cafe.

image image

I had a really yummy breakfast burrito to refuel after that amazing class!

Then we got all dolled up. Makeup by goldenglam_mua


After my sister and I got ready, we headed to Jen & John’s room so Ally could set up her makeup.


So organized!

Then we all hung out while Jen got her makeup done by my sister.


Then it was time for Jen to get into her dress!!


First Look- absolutely stunning!


Ally putting on the gloss

Then we headed into the limo to head to the wedding!

img_5214 img_5216

So much fun with the Bridal Squad 🙂

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. (I have no pics-sorry!) A beautiful Fall view of the mountains with crisp and clear weather. Jen’s brother Drew did the ceremony and it was touching, hysterical and amazing. It was so beautiful to see the love that Jen and John have for each other. I loved watching John see Jen for the first time, he teared up and just looked so happy. (That is always my favorite part of a wedding, to see the groom see the bride).

After the ceremony we took a bunch of fun pics and then it was time to PARTY!

img_5219 img_5220

I partied hard with a Shirley Temple. How pretty was the table setting? Navy Blue and Rose Gold!


Then we feasted. I was so hungry because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I filled my plate and ate it all!

img_5227 img_5234

Of course, cake


Me and the beautiful bride


With the makeup artist, aka my sister 🙂

Then we danced the night away! I think I won the award for person who danced the most. I learned how to do the Wobble and just had a blast!

We got back to the hotel and passed out,  but not before we ate some warm cookies from the front desk. 🙂 We slept until 9:30 the next morning- I couldn’t believe it!

We grabbed some breakfast at a little diner and then road tripped it back home.


What a FUN, HAPPY, AWESOME weekend! It was so special and wonderful to be there to celebrate Jen & John. ❤


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