NYC Body Shop by Shape Event

On Saturday, I headed into NYC by some miracle of God to the NYC Body Shop by Shape event.

I waited for the train that never came. Thanks to the man who saw the ambiguous small sign that said trains weren’t running that weekend. Thanks NJ Transit for not sharing that info on your app/website.

I hopped on a jitney to the GWB Bus Terminal to find out I couldn’t get the A train there. So I downloaded Uber, had a random stranger on the street show me how to use it, and took a 20 minute $26 uber ride and made it with 20 minutes to spare! I am now an Uber-liever πŸ™‚


Then I met my friend Stacey at the Body Shop and we put our stuff away and headed to our first workout Lifted by Holly Rilinger. It was a very cool/different workout. Holly was on my fav (cancelled) Bravo show, “Workout” so it was cool to be with a celebrity trainer. Oh, we also saw Jen Widerstrom (trainer on Biggest Loser) walk by a few times. #sickbody


Anyway, the Lifted class was so different. You start with a meditation then move into cardio/strength body weight moves. Squats, lunges, jumping jacks, core moves, sprinting, etc. There is a meditation in the middle and the end as well. Holly has such cool energy and shared some really positive messages. One thing she said was “you are closer to okay than you think.” Sometimes we always focus on being better, thinner, faster, richer, healthier, prettier, smarter, etc. But really we need to be “okay” with where we are on our journey today in this moment because we don’t get this day, this minute ever again so why not enjoy it and have gratitude for it.

After the sweaty yet zen feeling workout we grabbed some lunch at the Panera nearby to re-fuel for our next class!


We walked around a bit before we took our next class and grabbed a bunch of free swag, took fun pictures and got ready for workout number two!


The next class we took was Body by Solace. Kenny Santucci (he was on Real World/Road Rules Challenges)- he is also gorgeous ::emoji heart eyes:: and Alexis Silver-Fagan a fitness model both led the class.

We started with some dynamic warm-ups then moved into two groups to work with each trainer. I started with Alexis and we did a partner workout combining body strength and kettle bell moves. Then we moved to Kenny’s group and we did a TON of squat work with Perform Better bands. Let’s just say it hurt to sit on the toilet the next day.

What a fun day! Each workout cost $10 and all the money went to charity with the Movemeant Foundation.


Oh and checkout all that swag: face scrubs, soup, snacks a Luna bar, mult-vitamin gummies, make-up wipes, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, some Advo-care (which I won’t drink haha), and come coupons! #lovefreefitnessswag



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