Weekly Workouts!

Happy Halloween! Hope you are all enjoying the candy and the festivities. πŸ™‚

Let’s recap last week’s workouts!


Back + Biceps + Quick HIIT workout


3 mile run


Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + taught my cycling class


Rest- even though I didn’t train my client I wasn’t feeling well from the crappy weather and being outside all day the day before for an outdoor field trip so I put on some comfy clothes and relaxed.


Leg Day- Squatted 85 lbs!



Super sweaty cycling class


Rest- after a late night out in the city for Halloween, a rest day was in order!

Reflection on my split routine workouts:

For the past 8 weeks (plus maybe a month more, with learning/trying various routines) I have been using a split routine for strength training. The purpose for this was to help my body rest and recover better than before. Prior to using this routine I had been practicing body pump/doing my own total body workouts and constant little injuries were popping up. After doing this routine, I definitely have gotten stronger (hello squat PR of 85lbs.) but I am ready to change it up again. I am looking for a little more sweat, a little more of a challenge yet continue the path on getting stronger while staying healthy. I did some research and have some plans for a 3 day a week total body strength routine that doesn’t over do it in sets/reps like I was doing before with Body Pump. I had fun exploring split routine training and challenging myself with heavy weights. But I’m ready for something different again. It’s important to be consistent but vary your workouts at the same time. I guess a balance (just like everything else in life).

I will let you know how it goes!



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