Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! Did anyone get to see the NYC Marathon yesterday? I went in the city with Jen and we watched all the incredible runners, such a magical day. I cannot wait to run this race again one day! 🙂


So I ran the most I have in awhile this week! AND I signed up for the NYC Half!! I am so excited- let’s pray I can make it that distance! Now that I have caught you up about running let’s check out this past week’s workouts:


Total Body Strength training. Like I said I wanted a change from the split routine, so doing total body felt different and challenging!


5 Mile run!! I haven’t gone that far in awhile and it felt good. Tough, but good!


A total body superset of opposing muscle groups then taught my cycling class. I had a TON of people because the Zumba teacher next door cancelled so they gave it a try. I was so excited to have a big group. I was so happy to have some people step out of their comfort zone and give it a try 🙂



Another 5 mile run!



A total body superset of strength + stability exercises and I squatted 90 lbs!! Getting stronger!


A sweaty cycling class to kick off the weekend!


4 mile run with Jen + took her cycling class at 23rd/8th in the city. Holy not used to double workouts, how did I used to do that all the time? #imgettingold It was so fun to run in the city on the day of the marathon and Jen’s class of course was amazing and hard!


Oh and how beautiful are my MUCH needed new sneakers?

What a week! 14 miles total and some fun classes and strength training. Time for a rest day today!!


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