Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday everyone! This past week was not very eventful in terms of workouts. There was more rest than normal due to some strange pain in my lower abdomen. I went to the doctor and they are doing some tests to see if it is more muscular due to my labrum tear or more internal. We will see, no fun to have weird & random pain.

Let’s recap this week’s of workouts:


Rest Day- we had evening parent teacher conferences and after a full week of workouts a rest day was welcomed.


4 mile run



Rest before I taught my cycling class. Normally I lift weights but my lower abdomen pain was not feeling good so I decided I needed to rest before teaching.


Early AM at home workout before training a client on my day off. My abdomen was feeling OK so I decided to keep the workout at home just in case I needed to stop. I used dumb bells and my Kettlebell for a sweaty total body workout.


After my doctor’s appt the afternoon before she suggested I rest, so rest I did.


Falling Leaves 10k with Jen in Queens! My hip/abdomen was OK for it, felt somewhat tight by the end but I was able to run the distance. I think I’m gonna take a running break this week just to help it rest a bit more. Even though running doesn’t hurt it, I am sure I make compensations while running, so that could be an explanation of the pain.



I went to one of my favorite instructor’s spin classes! It’s very hard to get into her class and someone decided to take a different class so she gave me her pass and I got in. Oh man it was SO hard and so good!

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this past week. Let’s hope my hip is on the mend and I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming. 🙂


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