Recent Eats Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope the week is going great for you! Let’s take a look at the delicious meals I have enjoyed this past week.



Chicken & Veggie Wrap ordered at work for parent teacher conferences night.


Really delicious baked chicken recipe from PB fingers served with rice and broccoli. We marinated it overnight and it made the chicken so moist and delicious.


Taco Soup– recipe from Immaeatthat. We forgot to add the zucchini but it was still so freaking delicious and EASY.


Another recipe from Immaeatthat. Sweet Potato Lasagna– so good.


I forgot that I used to buy the chocolate covered frozen bananas from Trader Joe’s, so I spied them last weekend and bought them. Add some peanut butter and voila- delicious snack!


Super overloaded broccoli, chicken sausage and feta gallete.


Random lunch, leftover frittata, salad and a zucchini muffin with almond butter.


Steak dinner!


German Chocolate Cake

Veggies and Cake, just the way I like to eat. πŸ™‚


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