Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this week. I am not mentally ready for it at all. To be totally honest I have been going through a lot in my head these past few months, anxiety, old disordered eating thoughts, etc. that I just am not in the best place right now. But I am working on it, going to therapy and just trying to keep on trucking. Some days it takes a lot to get to the gym and some days I am good to go. This past week was tough, but I know that getting some sweat out (not over doing it) does make me feel better and I am thankful that is an outlet that I have. I am still looking forward to the holiday with my family, baking, running a Turkey Trot, and all the delicious food. However, I don’t feel totally “in it,” and that’s okay, because sometimes we aren’t okay.

Anyway, thanks for reading and listening. I love that I have this space to share my thinking, fun and food. 🙂

SO let’s recap this past week of workouts like I normally do!


I did a total body workout. It has been fun to switch things up these past few weeks. We will see where things go with it but right now I am just trying to have some fun and pump some iron at the gym. 😉


I took the week off of running due to the pain in my lower abdomen. (All tests came back fine, so probably a muscular issue due to my torn labrum. Thank goodness for acupuncture, they are just sticking needles there and it is feeling better!) So I decided to do my own spin playlist at the gym. This was tough to motivate myself. I really like having an instructor and others in the room to push me. But this was what worked for my schedule and was a good replacement for a run.



I did a really great total body workout that left my hamstrings and back soreeee. I have been trying to use the TRX sometimes and I did a hamstring exercise and a back exercise- holy soreness. I want to look into getting certified/buying an at home one for the business. It’s an awesome piece of equipment.

Then I taught my cycling class! Another bigger group, about 12 people. Anything over 10 is a big group for this gym. I love that I have some regulars too! It has almost been a year since I have been teaching this class!


Rest Day- I trained my client. She is working so hard and dreads to see me every time but she is doing great! 🙂


I had on my Body Pump shirt and had a really bad day and couldn’t bring myself to design my own workout so I put on the headphones and cringed/got excited that I still remembered most of the release that I was trained on. Those songs still haunt my memories haha. But I sweat and did 80 billion reps, so I guess it was a good time haha!



I took my favorite Saturday cycling class. So sweaty and awesome!



After a week off of running I went back out there for 4 miles. I listened to a podcast which made time fly by. It felt good to get back out there but my hip was definitely sore and stiff after.


OH and I signed up for half #2!! Let’s pray I can do this! Jen and I are running the Binghamton Half on May 7th! I am so excited to do a race with her, our runs literally fly by together! ❤


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