I’m back!!

Hello everyone!! I am so sorry for taking a break without warning. I have alluded to the fact that these past few months have been super tough for me, anxiety, stress, etc. and one day I decided I just needed a blogging/social media break. I took a few days away from Instagram, blog reading, blog writing and then the blog writing never came back. With the holidays and whatnot the break was definitely needed.

I also think taking time away from reading blogs looking at Instagram posts can be refreshing especially when you aren’t the happiest with your own life. Sometimes looking at the 2% of someones day that looks like rainbows and butterflies and sunshine can make you fall into that comparison trap and cause more anxiety and sadness. After my mini break I unfollowed a ton of triggering Instagram people and stopped reading a couple of so called “healthy living bloggers.” I still read a few tried and true that really send positive messages.

While thinking about blogs/social media users that send out false messages and may trigger thoughts of self-doubt, comparison, unhealthy eating and exercise habits, it has made me self-reflect on this space. I never want someone to read my blog and think I should eat that way or I should workout that way because that is never and will never be my intent. So with my new new updated look (the old one felt too dark for me) I want to update my content. I always have these amazing blog post ideas while running and they never come to fruition because it’s just easier to type up my workouts and show pics of food with barely any content or thought behind it. My goal with my updated content is to share recipes that I want to begin developing. Share some cool workouts that I develop (not that you have to follow). Share some of my struggles, thoughts and opinions about this life we are all living. All along while sharing important moments in my life that I want to capture and share. With these new content goals in mind and this updated look, I also don’t want you to expect constant posts each week. It may be once a week, once every two weeks because I want my content to be more meaningful and to do that I need some time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little space on the internet.




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