Recent Eats Wednesday!


Happy Hump Day and aka Happy Friday to me because I have a 4 day weekend! HOLLA! Let’s check out the delicious meals I have enjoyed this week!


Chicken Fajitas


Shepard’s Pie made with ground turkey!


Sweet Potato Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s with Shaved Brussels Sprouts/Apple/Onion on the side. This gnocchi was SO good!


Pastrami (nitrate free from Trader Joe’s) with a yummy caramelized onion cheese panini and a side salad.


Birthday cake.


Dinner out with my mama. We shared eggplant rollatini to start (top right), I had a veal dish for dinner and for dessert a disappointing tartufo.

So I had to have some candy to make up for it.



A delicious egg sandwich after a 4 mile run + Jen’s cycling class, aka STARVING!


Root vegetable ravioli that I found at Trader Joe’s with sausage.


Lavash flat bread pizza and a side salad.img_5460

 I found these at Target- very tasty!


Salads prepped- purple white sweet potatoes and carrots roasted, with mushroom and shaved brussels sprouts, grapes, walnut and spinach. Love Fall flavors!

That is a wrap up of the delicious meals/snacks/desserts that I have enjoyed this week!

Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! Did anyone get to see the NYC Marathon yesterday? I went in the city with Jen and we watched all the incredible runners, such a magical day. I cannot wait to run this race again one day! 🙂


So I ran the most I have in awhile this week! AND I signed up for the NYC Half!! I am so excited- let’s pray I can make it that distance! Now that I have caught you up about running let’s check out this past week’s workouts:


Total Body Strength training. Like I said I wanted a change from the split routine, so doing total body felt different and challenging!


5 Mile run!! I haven’t gone that far in awhile and it felt good. Tough, but good!


A total body superset of opposing muscle groups then taught my cycling class. I had a TON of people because the Zumba teacher next door cancelled so they gave it a try. I was so excited to have a big group. I was so happy to have some people step out of their comfort zone and give it a try 🙂



Another 5 mile run!



A total body superset of strength + stability exercises and I squatted 90 lbs!! Getting stronger!


A sweaty cycling class to kick off the weekend!


4 mile run with Jen + took her cycling class at 23rd/8th in the city. Holy not used to double workouts, how did I used to do that all the time? #imgettingold It was so fun to run in the city on the day of the marathon and Jen’s class of course was amazing and hard!


Oh and how beautiful are my MUCH needed new sneakers?

What a week! 14 miles total and some fun classes and strength training. Time for a rest day today!!

Recent Eats Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to my mama! We celebrated over the weekend with some delicious food and cake but we plan to have a “special-er” weeknight dinner tonight. Hope this week is treating you well and are ready to take a look at some delicious meals!


Sweet & Sour chicken over rice and broccoli. Saw that Hungry Runner Girl made this recipe from La Creme de la Crumb!


Quinoa, sausage, spinach, onion, and goat cheese.


Sheet Pan dinner recipe from Immaeatthat! So delicious.


Super easy Lavash flat bread (found at TJs) pizza with sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, peppers, and pepperoni with a Caesar salad on the side.


#allthetea #allthepositiveenergyneededinmylife


Spinach and goat cheese omelet, warmed up pear with cinnamon and toast with almond butter and pumpkin butter.


I feel like I have been in a breakfast rut so I picked up some of this granola and crumpets at Trader Joe’s, gotta change it up!


This bag of walnuts was only $4.99 at Trader Joe’s, um what? Amazing deal!

It’s the little things in life, right? 😉

Weekly Workouts!

Happy Halloween! Hope you are all enjoying the candy and the festivities. 🙂

Let’s recap last week’s workouts!


Back + Biceps + Quick HIIT workout


3 mile run


Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + taught my cycling class


Rest- even though I didn’t train my client I wasn’t feeling well from the crappy weather and being outside all day the day before for an outdoor field trip so I put on some comfy clothes and relaxed.


Leg Day- Squatted 85 lbs!



Super sweaty cycling class


Rest- after a late night out in the city for Halloween, a rest day was in order!

Reflection on my split routine workouts:

For the past 8 weeks (plus maybe a month more, with learning/trying various routines) I have been using a split routine for strength training. The purpose for this was to help my body rest and recover better than before. Prior to using this routine I had been practicing body pump/doing my own total body workouts and constant little injuries were popping up. After doing this routine, I definitely have gotten stronger (hello squat PR of 85lbs.) but I am ready to change it up again. I am looking for a little more sweat, a little more of a challenge yet continue the path on getting stronger while staying healthy. I did some research and have some plans for a 3 day a week total body strength routine that doesn’t over do it in sets/reps like I was doing before with Body Pump. I had fun exploring split routine training and challenging myself with heavy weights. But I’m ready for something different again. It’s important to be consistent but vary your workouts at the same time. I guess a balance (just like everything else in life).

I will let you know how it goes!


Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a great weekend! The weather is crazy here in NJ, freezing cold to warm to pouring rain. I am content with 65-75 degrees for all of winter. No need to see snow ever again.

Anyway, after my weather tangent I wanted to share some fun highlight from the weekend!

Friday night started off with leg day, a quick shopping trip for Halloween costume accessories, dinner, cycling playlist making and bed by 10pm.


Lavash Flatbread Pizza

Saturday started bright and early with a very sweat Halloween themed cycling class. I hadn’t been in two weeks and it felt great to get back to a class!

Then I came home, showered, made a grocery list/meal plan then headed to Trader Joe’s!


Pumpkin Flax Granola, canned pumpkin and Greek yogurt.

After food shopping and a quick lunch/snack I headed to acupuncture. My body was craving it, I couldn’t go for two weeks due to a crazy schedule so it was awesome to get some much needed pain relief!

When I got home I did a quick meal prep of my salads for the week: roasted butternut squash, lentils, chicken, cabbage, pomegranates, goat cheese, walnuts and spinach. Talk about Fall superfoods!


Then I got a quick manicure with my mama so I could have black nails for my Halloween costume.

Came home and whipped up a quick dinner: “Sweet Potato Nachoes” roasted sweet potatoes, ground beef, black beans, onion, peppers topped with Greek yogurt, salsa and guacamole.


Then it was time to transform into a Basic Witch, get it “basic b*tch” haha the girls that drink pumpkin spice lattes, wear uggs and fur vests aka me because I owned almost all of the costume.


Haha my sister dressed as an evil witch and her bf was a metal guy. Ally did all of our makeup, so talented!


Then we headed to our friend’s apartment then headed to the city.


Bruce Springsteen and his flag!

On our way to the party we made sure to take pics at ALL the Starbucks that we saw. A basic witch needs her starbucks fix.


The party we went to was in the Village so it was crazy crowded with the best people watching ever. We had fun at the party, danced and ate a lot of candy. 🙂

On Sunday I woke up at 9:30 am after going to bed at 4am. So two cups of coffee was needed in getting my life together. Eventually I showered, paid some bills and did laundry haha.

After that it was time to help decorate the cake that my Dad has been working on for my mom’s birthday for the past few days. We had to roll out white and dark chocolate using my pasta maker. The white chocolate was super hard to work with so we ended up being creative and making hearts instead of ribbons on the top. I think it came out cute!


The original vs. ours! Pretty good!

Before dessert we had to have dinner! A sea bass and clam stew over crusty white bread.


Then we dove into that cake!


So rich, so good, and like 5 lb.s of butter in it! YUM!

It was a fun weekend!! Good food and some dress-up fun!

Recent Eats

Woooot! It’s Recent Eats Wednesday around these parts! The day that I share a bunch of delicious food that I have been eating, cooking and baking!



Pork with sauerkraut and apples and delicata squash on the side. Love this Fall veggie.


Butternut Squash Goulash- really yummy veggie packed dish.


Cuban sandwich panini with a side salad


Ground turkey chili over bow ties


Feta, spinach, onion stuffed pretzels with Tzatiki on top and a Greek salad on the side.


I think I have shared a million pictures of overnight oats in a jar but seriously it’s the best.


When you crave cheesey eggs on an English muffin, you make cheesey eggs on an English muffin.


I know I’m all about pumpkin right now. But I think my real favorite part of Fall in candy apples.


They gave away these soups at the Body Shop event!


It was delicious for lunch served with some of these Pumpkin Soup Crackers!

img_5326 img_5328

A delicious Fall Sunday dinner.


Shaved Brussels Sprouts sautéed with onion and apples, a Sweet Potato Casserole from the Cooking Light Thanksgiving issue and a ham that we had in the freezer and needed to be eaten before the holidays!


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones for pumpkin day at work! So good!

#loveALLtheFallfoods 🙂

NYC Body Shop by Shape Event

On Saturday, I headed into NYC by some miracle of God to the NYC Body Shop by Shape event.

I waited for the train that never came. Thanks to the man who saw the ambiguous small sign that said trains weren’t running that weekend. Thanks NJ Transit for not sharing that info on your app/website.

I hopped on a jitney to the GWB Bus Terminal to find out I couldn’t get the A train there. So I downloaded Uber, had a random stranger on the street show me how to use it, and took a 20 minute $26 uber ride and made it with 20 minutes to spare! I am now an Uber-liever 🙂


Then I met my friend Stacey at the Body Shop and we put our stuff away and headed to our first workout Lifted by Holly Rilinger. It was a very cool/different workout. Holly was on my fav (cancelled) Bravo show, “Workout” so it was cool to be with a celebrity trainer. Oh, we also saw Jen Widerstrom (trainer on Biggest Loser) walk by a few times. #sickbody


Anyway, the Lifted class was so different. You start with a meditation then move into cardio/strength body weight moves. Squats, lunges, jumping jacks, core moves, sprinting, etc. There is a meditation in the middle and the end as well. Holly has such cool energy and shared some really positive messages. One thing she said was “you are closer to okay than you think.” Sometimes we always focus on being better, thinner, faster, richer, healthier, prettier, smarter, etc. But really we need to be “okay” with where we are on our journey today in this moment because we don’t get this day, this minute ever again so why not enjoy it and have gratitude for it.

After the sweaty yet zen feeling workout we grabbed some lunch at the Panera nearby to re-fuel for our next class!


We walked around a bit before we took our next class and grabbed a bunch of free swag, took fun pictures and got ready for workout number two!


The next class we took was Body by Solace. Kenny Santucci (he was on Real World/Road Rules Challenges)- he is also gorgeous ::emoji heart eyes:: and Alexis Silver-Fagan a fitness model both led the class.

We started with some dynamic warm-ups then moved into two groups to work with each trainer. I started with Alexis and we did a partner workout combining body strength and kettle bell moves. Then we moved to Kenny’s group and we did a TON of squat work with Perform Better bands. Let’s just say it hurt to sit on the toilet the next day.

What a fun day! Each workout cost $10 and all the money went to charity with the Movemeant Foundation.


Oh and checkout all that swag: face scrubs, soup, snacks a Luna bar, mult-vitamin gummies, make-up wipes, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, some Advo-care (which I won’t drink haha), and come coupons! #lovefreefitnessswag


Weekly Workouts + I’m Famous

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I worked out, got things done, relaxed a bit & baked, great Fall weekend in my book!

So I’m famous! I am on the NYC Marathon Commercial on ABC 7!


So freaking cool! 🙂

Anyway, let’s dive into my weekly workout recap…


Back + Biceps plus a very quick 15 minute HIIT workout on the elliptical


4 mile run that felt like summer



Shoulder + Tricep + Chest Workout then taught my cycling class



Rest Day, trained my client


4 mile Run



Lifted Class by Holly Rilinger and Body by Solace at the Body Shop by Shape event in NYC! Recap soon!



A sweaty spin class, it was kind of crappy, we were out of the saddle most of the class and the instructor didn’t even have us stretch at the end, he just cleaned up so the next class could start. But at least I got a sweat in.

I want to try and get running in 3 times next week! Gotta get ready for my 10k in a few weeks. I also am toying with the idea of claiming my guaranteed entry into the NYC Half- but the $145 price tag is making me think otherwise. I’m also not 100% sure if I will be OK to run that distance. I have been feeling better because of acupuncture but I just get nervous!! I don’t know!!

Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope this week is going awesome. I have a lot of delicious eats to share today (as I do every Wednesday). Love being able to share my love of food & cooking here. That is what it’s all about, am I right? 😉


Have you guys tried Delicata Squash? My friend told me about it, so I picked some up at Trader Joe’s. They were SO delicious. Just cut them in quarters, brush with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast in the oven for about 20 minutes. So freaking good. We paired it with Trader Joe’s Fall Harvest sauce and bow ties. A yummy Sunday family meal.


Pumpkin overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar.


Beef enchiladas with a corn/tomato/spinach salad on the side.


Such a good combo- banana, PB and dark chocolate.


My father is where I get my love of cooking from. He is so freaking talented. This was a casual Thursday night dinner. Fish stew with delicious sourdough bread and roasted asparagus with a lemon Dijon sauce. I am spoiled! #maybeIshouldnevermoveout


Greek Quesadillas- chicken, artichoke, tomato and feta in a whole wheat pita with tzatiki on top and a Greek side salad.


Roasted chicken, leeks and mashed potatoes. Mama’s home cooking!


Egg muffins, English muffin with PB and banana for breakfast one morning. Egg muffins are so great to have all prepped and ready to go!

That is a round up of some delicious foods I have been enjoying. Getting to those Fall flavors with comfort food. So good!


Jen’s Wedding Weekend Recap!

I am SO excited to share my weekend recap of Jen & John’s wedding! You know, I always talk about Jen 🙂 We met through blogging a few years ago and have been friend ever since. She is such a genuine, positive, like-minded friend. I just love how close we have become in such a short amount of time. The Internet can be pretty awesome sometimes!

So let’s recap our fabulous weekend!

Friday morning I chopped my hair off! It was time for a change!


Then we road tripped it up to Binghamton.

The hotel we stayed at gives you a warm cookie when you check in. Um AMAZING.


Then it was time for the rehearsal.


So freaking gorgeous. Then we feasted on pizza and wings (and salad duh).


The next morning I woke up nice and early enjoyed some coffee and then headed to an insane boot camp at the hotel’s awesome gym. You would think the gym would be basic but it’s like a real gym that people belong to so it has a great lifting area, spin studio, a pool and group ex classes.


Then my sister and I grabbed some breakfast at a cute cafe.

image image

I had a really yummy breakfast burrito to refuel after that amazing class!

Then we got all dolled up. Makeup by goldenglam_mua


After my sister and I got ready, we headed to Jen & John’s room so Ally could set up her makeup.


So organized!

Then we all hung out while Jen got her makeup done by my sister.


Then it was time for Jen to get into her dress!!


First Look- absolutely stunning!


Ally putting on the gloss

Then we headed into the limo to head to the wedding!

img_5214 img_5216

So much fun with the Bridal Squad 🙂

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. (I have no pics-sorry!) A beautiful Fall view of the mountains with crisp and clear weather. Jen’s brother Drew did the ceremony and it was touching, hysterical and amazing. It was so beautiful to see the love that Jen and John have for each other. I loved watching John see Jen for the first time, he teared up and just looked so happy. (That is always my favorite part of a wedding, to see the groom see the bride).

After the ceremony we took a bunch of fun pics and then it was time to PARTY!

img_5219 img_5220

I partied hard with a Shirley Temple. How pretty was the table setting? Navy Blue and Rose Gold!


Then we feasted. I was so hungry because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I filled my plate and ate it all!

img_5227 img_5234

Of course, cake


Me and the beautiful bride


With the makeup artist, aka my sister 🙂

Then we danced the night away! I think I won the award for person who danced the most. I learned how to do the Wobble and just had a blast!

We got back to the hotel and passed out,  but not before we ate some warm cookies from the front desk. 🙂 We slept until 9:30 the next morning- I couldn’t believe it!

We grabbed some breakfast at a little diner and then road tripped it back home.


What a FUN, HAPPY, AWESOME weekend! It was so special and wonderful to be there to celebrate Jen & John. ❤